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Automatic Cutting Machine


  • Model : TBC-50S
  • Input : AC 110/220V 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption : 55W
  • Maximum Cutting Width : 105mm
  • Cutting Length Range : 1~99,999mm
  • Feed Speed : ~200mm/sec.
  • Dimension :
    Main Unit : 370(W) x 270(H) x 335(L)mm, Wt.17Kg
    Feeding Device : 780(W) x 600(H) x 355(L)mm,Wt.14kg


  1. Cutting mark sensing by photo sensor.
  2. Accept printing tolerance by Photo Sensor system.
  3. Cutting quantity indication on LCD screen.
  4. Cutting quantity setting from 1pc~99,999pcs.
  5. Cutting length setting from 1mm~99,999mm.
  6. Cutting length monitoring on LCD screen.
  7. Cutting and feeding speed adjustable.
  8. Available to cut non-printed(plain) sleeves.
  9. Available to cut printed labels & tubings.
  10. Available to cut nickel plated strips(tags).
  11. Auto-stop when setting quantity has completed to cut.


Cutting Demonstration
    Windows Media Player

  1. Cutting of Non-Printed Shrink Tubings
  2. Cutting of Printed Shrink Label
  3. Cutting of Nickel Strips
  4. Cut-and-Open PVC Shrink Tubings
  5. Cutting of Non-Printed Shrink Tubings (TBC-50)
  6. Cutting of Printed Shrink Label (TBC-50S)