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Nickel Plated Strip(NPS)
Battery Tabs
Electro-Nickel Plated, Cold-Rolled Steel Strip

Advanced Nickel Plating Technology

We supply you with all sorts of battery materials and components. At present we are using the electro-nickel plated steel strips (NPS) in our batteries. The fundamental quality of this cold-rolled steel strip with an electro-deposited layer of pure nickel on both sides is that it provides strong and more reliable transfer of current between battery points and tabs than its rivals. Nickel is widely used by leading battery and battery pack manufacturers in world. We are well-stocked for mass volume demands and provide prompt delivery service. Orders for custom-made parts(drawing and stamping) are also welcomes.


  • Much better welding service
  • Higher corrosion resistance
  • Lower unit cost
  • Longer battery life

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Nickel Strip Cutting by TBC-50 Cutting Machine
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